My Guide to London
My Guide to London
Elisabeth Huijskens

My Guide to London

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 Are you planning a trip to London? Are you moving there? Or new to the city? For 4 years, I've spent at least a quarter of my year in London. Now, I know the city like the back of my hand. And I want to share all of my recommendations with YOU. 

This guide includes lists of my favorite London...
+ Restaurants (there are more than 50!)
+ Sights, Museums, Parks
+ Castles and Palaces 
+ Theatres and Shows
+ General Tips

* Each location is individually listed with THREE links: (1) its Instagram/Website (so you can check the vibe/menu/prices), (2) Apple Maps location, and (3) Google Maps location.

But the best part is you can SAVE ALL of my London favorites to your Apple or Google maps on your phone/computer in ONE CLICK. Walk around with my 4+ years of London experience in your pocket! 

I created this to help you experience:
Confidence in your travel plans
+ Peace of mind knowing you're getting the most value out of your time/expenses
+ Comfort in the city

Lifetime Access: No matter when you purchase, you'll be sent the newest version of the guide every time it's updated with new information and recommendations! 

Whether you are in the trip-planning process or just landed in London, this guide was designed with you in mind!

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