Irresistible Income-Generating Brand Template
Elisabeth Huijskens

Irresistible Income-Generating Brand Template

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Flourishing finances. Abundant business. Wild freedom. We can overcomplicate it if we want to. But it can be simple. Deciding to inject your month with some extra cash. Creating products that genuinely help others. Work that feels ENLIVENING to put out into the world. It’s all available to you. And it gets to be simple.

I’ve broken down the 3 essential facets of an irresistible income-generating brand so you can start living your dreams in 3, 2, 1…

This template will help you:

1. Discover your unique brand identity
2. Create a product suite with maximum profits
3. Plan simple but effective marketing strategies

You can have it all. And it gets to be simple. Use this template as a workbook and guide. I can't wait to see the brand and life you create!

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