Dream Life Unlocked 🔓 Goal Setting Masterclass
Dream Life Unlocked 🔓 Goal Setting Masterclass
Dream Life Unlocked 🔓 Goal Setting Masterclass
Elisabeth Huijskens

Dream Life Unlocked 🔓 Goal Setting Masterclass

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This 60-minute masterclass will guide you through my signature goal setting method so you can leave inconsistent confusion in the past and CONFIDENTLY pursue your DREAM LIFE.

In it we will cover how to:

  • Break down big dreams into actionable, sustainable steps
  • Determine what you really want
  • Apply psychologically-proven methods to achieve your goals
  • Pursue your goals with confidence when you feel doubts / opposition

This is for the person who has ever felt:

  • The path to your goals is unclear
  • Like you’re going in circles
  • Unsure of what to do next
  • A pattern of inconsistency in pursuing your dreams

The 03 parts of this masterclass are:

  1. Learn the game-changing mindsets of HOW to pursue your dream life and goals with CONFIDENCE, even when when facing opposition.
  2. Discover WHY you want to achieve certain dreams with a psychologically proven exercise that will help you prioritize all your goals and stick to them long term.
  3. Get clear on WHICH specific, detailed goals you need to set that are aligned to unlock your dream life, by breaking down your big dream into actionable, sustainable steps.

Watching this masterclass will NOT transform you. But implementing these mindsets and methods WILL allow YOU to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Elisabeth is a Forbes-featured entrepreneur and coach. She co-founded Trades of Hope, a multi-million dollar ethical fashion brand empowering women out of poverty, earned her BA in PR/Communications, earned her MA in Strategic Communications for Social Change and Advocacy, worked in the U.S. Embassy in London, has grown an organic following of 60k across multiple social media platforms, and has lived in Washington, D.C. and London.

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